EPF India – Know Your Universal Account Number (UAN) Status


What is UAN?

The Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation has decided to allot a Universal Account Number (UAN) to all members of the Organisation. To start with, UAN has been already provided to members presently contributing to the fund. Employers can now download the list of UAN numbers and provide it to their employees by accessing the “UAN download list” in the Employer UAN Portal. This will facilitate online submission of transfer claims by members with an objective to make the transfer transparent, efficient and comfortable for employees. So to summarize, you need UAN for quick and easy online transfer of EPF.

Universal Account number or PF number portability has been implemented by the organization. But do you know the status of your UAN—whether it has been allocated or not? Your employer must give you the universal account number as soon as it gets from the EPFO. You can go and ask to the employer for your UAN. But before going to HR department, please do check the UAN status online from the EPFO portal.

Steps to Know Your Universal Account Number (UAN) Status

Step #1- Visit The Portal Of Universal Account Number

Step #2 – Click on Know your UAN link

Step #3 – Give Your PF Details

On the next page titled “Check UAN Status”, Please fill your PF number. This is the most important part and you should fill your PF number properly. The PF number is usually mentioned on your salary slip.

Choose the state where your office is registered. Take care you may be working in different states. If you are confused, try to get an idea from the first two letters of PF numbers. The first two letters are for the state, such as HR for Haryana, DS for Delhi and UP for Uttar Pradesh.

Choose the PF office region. States may have the several regions. Delhi has 3 and Uttar Pradesh has 9 PF regions. You can trace the region from the next 3 letters of PF number.

After choosing the state and region the two columns of PF numbers will be filled automatically. Verify it with your PF number.

Now please fill the organization number. Every employee in your organization has the same number. It would be the first group of digits in your PF number. It can go up to 7 digits.

In the fourth text box you need to fill the extension. In most of the cases this remains 000. It can even be one word letter like “X”. Also, it may not be in your PF number. You can leave it blank if it’s not there.

Now please fill your PF number. This is the number which is unique to you in your office. It can be of maximum 7 digits. Fill PF number on UAN Portal

Step #4 – Status of Your Universal Account Number

Your UAN allocation status will be shown.


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