EPF Forms for Employees used for Withdrawals, Claim Benefits and Transfer

By | October 17, 2014


EPFO has prescribed various forms for different uses. For every transaction with EPF you have to fill and submit a form. I am trying to provide all necessary forms for you at one place. You may need these forms at every step when you are dealing with your PF office.

Different Kind of Forms

You will require a different form purpose like Withdrawal, transfer, claims etc. For your convenience all EPF forms are available here for easy download. Most of these forms are used by beneficiary after leaving job from the employer. Form 10-C and Form 19 are the most demanded form among all EPF Forms.

Form 10-C Download

Download EPF form 10-C for claiming Refund of Employer share, Withdrawal benefit and Scheme certificate for retention of membership. Form 10-C is submitted with Form 19/20 for settlement of withdrawal benefit either under old Family Pension Fund (FPF) or new Employees’ Pension Scheme EPS 95 or also for issuance of Scheme certificate for retention of membership (only in case you are less than 58 years old).

PF Form 10-D Download

Download EPF form 10-D is to be submitted by the first claimant. Form 10-D is also known as pension form. The first claimant may be member, his widow or her widower, orphan or any other nominee. In case nominee is filling the form he has to submit a valid Form -2. Form -2 is also known as Nomination Form.

Download PF Form 13:

Download EPF form 13 for transferring the Provident Fund account of a member from one establishment (previous employer) to another establishment (current employer) covered under the Employee Provident Fund and Miscellaneous Provisions Act 1952 Scheme.

Download EPF Form 14:

Download EPF form 14 is used for applying for financing a life insurance policy out of Provident Fund account accumulated balance.

Download PF Withdrawal Form 19:

Download EPF form 19 which is to be submitted by a member for withdrawing his Provident Fund dues when he leaves or his job or on retirement or in case of termination or superannuation also. In no case ever, your Provident Fund can be stopped from withdrawing.
Download Provident Fund Form 20

Download EPF form 20 which is used in the case of death of member, this form is to be used by a nominee or family member to claim the member’s Provident Fund accumulated balance. You have to submit a valid death certificate, Form – 2 and Birth Certificates of children along with Form -20.

Download EPF Withdrawal Forms 31

Download EPF form 31 which is used by Provident Fund members to take Loans, advances /or withdrawing funds from PF account before retirement for various reasons as provided in the scheme. These reasons may include medical problems, marriage or construction of house etc.

Download Life Certificate Form or Non Re-Marriage Certificate Form

Download Life Certificate Form or Non Re-Marriage Certificate Form which is used by every pensioner. It is mandatory for every pension beneficiary to fill and submit this form in the month of November very year in the bank in which you are getting your pension or RPFC Office. This form is just a statement by the beneficiary that act an assurance that you are live ad have not remarriage to get the pension without any interruption.

Download PF Form 5(I.F.)

Download EPF form (I.F.) which is to be submitted by the person eligible to receive the Employees’ Provident Fund dues of the deceased member who died while in services.

EPF Form Statement IW – 1

Download EPF Form Statement IW – 1 which is a Statement of Employees qualifying for membership as International Workers.

Advance Stamped Receipt Form (ASR)

Download Advance Stamped Receipt (ASR) Form which is used for claiming returned cheques issued from EPF India from your PF A/c for various reasons.

I have tried to include every form you may need to deal with EPFO. Still if you find that any form is missing and you need it just let me know and I will include it in my list for the benefit of other beneficiaries also. If you like the information I will request you to share it with others as other EPF members will also get benefitted by this information.


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